South Central District 4-H Volunteer Fall Day

— Written By Amanda Taylor

South Central District 4-H Volunteer Fall Day will be held November 22 in Cabarrus County. Deadline to register is November 7.

An interactive, educational and fun day for volunteers to learn and enhance skills and talents. Workshops include:

Workshop Descriptions

A)     Fundamentals of 4-H (Master ACE Bronze Level) – You will learn everything about 4-H a volunteer needs to know to become an outstanding leader in your county 4-H program.

B)    Teambuilding Activities – Working together and learning from each other is the number one focus of this workshop. You will learn new ways of using teambuilding skills to work with the youth in your county. Remember all the pieces together make for a beautiful 4-H life!

C)     Public Speaking: Dressing for the Occasion (Master ACE Silver Level) – This section will cover how to dress for success for 4-H’ers and volunteers. You will learn how important first impressions are for a competition and volunteers working in the community.

D)     Refurbished Decorative Jars – Seeing is believing, and what you will learn in this class will definitely make you a believer. It will make you a believer in your ability to make beautiful and useful items out of glass jars. Not only are these craft projects great for items you’ll want to use yourself, but many would also make great gifts.

E)       Leadership Basics (Master ACE Gold Level) – Workshop participants will learn about: Defining Leadership, Understanding Personal Leadership Challenges, Assessing Characteristics of good leaders and Communication and Teambuilding in Leadership Roles.