4-H Teen Voices: A Monthly Hangout!

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4-H Teen Voices flyerClaudetteColvin…Malala Yousafzai…Ruby Bridges…Greta Thunberg…Emma Gonzalez…JaylenArnold…Sophie Cruz….Anne Frank…Easton LaChappelle…Maya Penn…these are names of several youth leaders. Now, add your name here_________________________.

Each month, youth ages 12-18 will join other teens to experience fun activities. Following thefun, teens will identify their concerns of the community, work together to plan approaches and work along with adult volunteers to address these issues using several forms of medium. Youth will use their voices to make a difference in their community. Their voices will be amplified through social media, radio, online, cameras, tablets, microphones and more. Come share your voice.

For more information, contact Angela D. Galloway, Extension Agent of 4-H Youth Development, at adgallow@ncsu.edu or (910) 277-2422.