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Food Safety & Processing

Cover photo for 2018 Scotland County Farm Tour

2018 Scotland County Farm Tour

Please join us for the 2018 ScotlandGrows Farm Tour. The day will provide an opportunity to visit and learn …

Recent Publications related to Food Safety & Processing

Farm to Food Bank Resource Guide for North Carolina Cooperative Extension

This publication provides information and success stories related to food banks, food pantries, food donation …

1/25/18Local Foods

Best Practices for Utilizing Local Food in Nutrition Education and Cooking Classes

This publication provides practical tips on how to promote health eating by incorporating fresh, local …

1/10/18Local Foods

Direct to Food Bank and Food Pantry Donations

This publication, part of the Farm to Food Bank Resource Guide, discusses food donations given …

11/16/17Local Foods

Acidified Foods: Formulating Dressings, Sauces and Marinades

This publication discusses the necessity of acid in many foods and how to meet government …


Safe Food After a Flood

This factsheet offers information on how to deal with food that may have come into …

10/3/17Disaster Recovery

Food Safety Recall Plan Checklist

This document offers a set of steps for food producers to take when issuing a …


HACCP in Your School

This manual covers Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP), a food safety plan for schools …


Egg Safety

Factsheet on egg safety for small egg producers.